Other things that I had here that were amazing were their oysters, New England clam chowder, and the Palace pan roast, all served with a side of sourdough bread (keep them coming because they're free!). As we were escorted in groups of two to take the seats at the bar from right to left, one of the couples in front of us made the mistake and tried to sit at the center of the bar. Hubs was in heaven with the shrimp. The oh so famous pan roast of Las Vegas!! I ve been coming here the last 5 or 6 years since my son took us here for dinner. Oysters were OK. Good for the size, but I don't think I'll truly ever like oysters or get over the seafood taste of it. The chef is awesome. It's not exactly on the way, nor on the strip, but I would, if only during a time that was one hour or less! I went here during the Christmas week so it took us a little over two hours to get seated. chasu, egg, bamboo, bean sprout, woodear mushroom. Since we did not make it to our night festivities, we decided to wait in this line. So good and the bread was so garlicy and buttery. All of this matched with an award-winning wine list featuring 80 selections by the glass. I had the house Étouffée and it was absolutely incredible! Here, you’ll find 25 types of fish and up to 30 varieties of oysters, along with other seafood specialties. You have to start your first meal in Vegas with a bang and this is the spot. As we were closer to being seated, the line was very long. read more. It is at best a motel 6 type of room. Was it worth the wait? At first it doesn't look like much but it's filling and very flavorful. read more. We dined at the Oyster Bar at Palace Station a bit ago. There is usually one cook behind the "bar" and one additional server. This place is a hidden foodie gem. The wait might deter some people, but I assure you, once you taste the Palace Pan Roast (my recommendation), you'll know it was all worth it. The line for the oyster bar starts at the entrance of Charcoal Room and often stretches to Hoover Dam. I got the Combo Pan Roast and Palace Pan Roast. So glad we did as this is some of the best food in vegas. Lots of giant shrimp, crab and lobster. The sit down bar area is too cute, I love how the exterior displays the signs and title for the Oyster bar! For all the hype, we weren’t too impressed. It comes w rice so it was a great pair. Keep up the great work guys. Have one person wait while the other gets drinks/gambles and switch. “Popular” is probably an understatement. I can't even describe how good the food was! Brass Fork Kitchen and Bar offers a creative playful twist on the traditional café experience by serving up a full array of classic comfort foods at a great value. We had The Oysters Rockefeller and Shrimp Caesar salad, it seems a lot of locals say they are the best in town. We ordered the palace pan roast, mussels, and of course half shell oysters. It's absolutely amazing. Want to chime in. It was most flavorful and highly recommended! I would not recommend the Courtyard room. Bon appetit! We came here every night while we were in town. You get to choose the level of spice - we got a level 6 which was PERFECT.All in all best food we had our entire stay in Vegas. Literally or others will get ahead of you in line lol. I ordered the combo pan roast which comes with shrimp, crab, and lobster. Here’s the thing: usually legendary is perceived as a good thing, something to be proud of. One of the best meals I had while in Vegas. The juice that it was cooked and marinated in was bowl licking clean delicious! We can't wait to come back here soon. Always road tripping, ready for a new meal! Heads up: From now on, other Yelpers will be able to see how you voted. But glad I did!The stars aligned for my first visit! Open 24/7, seven days a week, this is proudly one of the must-try dining destinations in Las Vegas. The pan roast has tons of bold Cajun flavors accompanied by huge chunks of shrimp lobster and crab! spicy tuna, shrimp tempura, cucumber, unagi, avocado, … And the flavor, again not overtly salty, and just so good. Open 24/7, seven days a week, this is proudly one of the must-try dining… Alaskan Chowder ($24.99), we got it Manhattan style (you can also get it New England or Dirty Style), this was the best chowder ever...seriously!!! The richness of the sauce, the freshness of the seafood and the creaminess of the broth. I think that's amazing and just a positive experience for sure. We were greeted with bread and our order of drinks. One pan roast is good enough for two people , we even had enough for leftovers. Came here around midnight on a Wednesday & luckily waited only less than 10 minutes to be seated. The seats are not 6 feet apart from each other and for that reason, I'm deducting a star. The Palace Pan Roast has both the same, + chicken and andouille sausage. An award-winning, 24-hour oyster bar offering mouth-watering seafood selections. Free sourdough bread too. my mouth waters just thinking about it. I also ordered the combo seafood appetizer but that was mostly for the lady. Next time!We also tried a shrimp cocktail that delivered fresh and juicy shrimp with extra spicy horseradish! My mans boss was in town for CES and suggested this place as he always stops by so we came over at 5pm on a Wednesday. I never usually say this either but ITS WORTH THE WAIT. Now every time I drive over from San Jose,this is one place I never miss.The only downside are the wait times.Last year I waited 3 hours ,this time it was hour and thirty minutes.My favorite is the Palace Pan Roast.Every time I go I say to myself I m going to try something different but end up ordering the usual because it is my favorite. Each pan roast comes with choice of rice or noodles so I tried both on the side - noodles were rather interesting and I actually enjoyed it more than the rice with my pan roast :) Can't go wrong with either. The taste, quality, freshness, and portions have stayed consistent throughout the years.My go to is their Palace Pan Roast and add lobster for $8. The casino might gain a little by folks playing while waiting. When in Vegas I will be going back.. My only suggestion is to have it at a regular restaurant instead of at a bar so everyone can sit down.. 5 stars for the food quality and outstanding service. She belittled him and was flat out snappy and rude about sitting in the wrong seat. It's open 24 hours, I wonder if they'll have a line at like 2am... you can get to Palace via uber, but trying to hail one back took us 30 minutes. Just dil the bread in the mussels juice and it is heavenly. There is a rich, full, passionate flavor here that you just don't come across very often. Everything was exceptionally good but I'd have to say the chowder was my favorite and probably the best I've ever had. My group waited 2 and a half hrs to eat. We were reluctant to eat seafood for breakfast but why not. They were good and if you don't care about the size, these are probably perfect. instead of looking again like I asked she spouted off to me that she wasn't going to look again and that I needed to pay in some other payment. At least knowing what to expect, hubs and I  grabbed a burger from Shake Shack to share, and then made the trek over.We thought being kind of a weird hour (1pm), we'd at least get a little lucky, but we waited about an hour and a half. ... our first-come-first-serve oyster bar restaurant has something fresh for you. Is the wait realllllly worth it? The BM had this jumbo delicious shrimp on it... so tasty. Palace Station Hours. whenever I'm in Vegas I always make it a point to come here! Came here during my many routes from Denver, CO to Las Vegas, NV! Call Menu Info. Given the recommendation, it was out of this world and delicious!!! I know that some days we have good days and bad days, however it is never appropriate to speak to paying customers the way she treated me and my guest. The chicken was tender, the seafood was cooked nicely. First, The Oyster Bar... IS actually a restaurant not just a food bar. Took us a bit of walking to actually find it amongst the gamblers and machines but once there you can't miss it. This is probably one of my favorite places I've tried in Vegas! Oyster Bar at the Palace Station in Las Vegas is a must visit when you're in town. Some of the best linguini diablo I have ever had. Settled with a level "5" & tried my friend's level "8" and the spicier was so much better. meaty goodness and tons of flavor. Luckily, I live here now and can come on a random Monday afternoon :D I have to say this place comes really close to Ritter's in pan roast and oyster quality/taste, but above all this is what makes this place stand out: -Big pieces of lobster and seafood that they serve in their combo pan roast -Being a connoisseur of all things spicy, I asked for level 10 spicy and the cook also made me a special concoction of spices that I can throw into my roast to make it even spicier muahaha-You can ask for a side of pasta instead of rice! After they had completed their meal ahead of us she made a snide comment to others that if he sat there any longer she was going to call security! I don't eat enjoy raw food that much but she said it was great. Bloody Mary's and oysters on the half shell but even if you don't like either of those the Alaskan chowder and the palace pan roast are always my go tos. My friend and I got there at around 4:45 pm and there was maybe 10 people ahead of us. And then... drum roll... the famous pan roast. Palace Station Hotel and Casino: Oyster bar - See 187 traveler reviews, 213 candid photos, and great deals for Palace Station Hotel and Casino at Tripadvisor. You guys are definitely efficient. Potion size is huge. The oyster bar is a Vegas staple and they're doing a great job of safely serving guests during COVID. The food is so good and it's obviously very popular. I don't know if I would come back again because we waited for about 2 hours and no food is worth waiting that long. Every time spot on! The food was excellent. I've been wanting to try this place for awhile and was so excited to finally stop by. I can never come to Las Vegas and stop by to eat here. If I was craving it that day-yes. Win-win situation. WARNING: lines can be long and a wait will prob be most likely as their seating is limited.The shrimp cocktail is so meaty. I then asked her to call a manager to look it up as I had been charging to my room the last 3 days and just hours earlier we had been charging at the bar.Next thing I know I have security tapping me on the shoulder asking me to come with them. Many of us at the reunion have the same name.....(long story). The first time I ate at an Oyster Bar was actually in Palace Station but the one there has a lot… Read more. Also, portions are fairly large so sharing is caring. After trying the Oyster bar at palace station I can honestly say I will never eat pan roast anywhere else or even bother. Ugh that line doeeee. I ordered the Caesar Salad with Lump Shrimp for $16.99. Boathouse Rolls. And portion for the bowl is big enough that's for the jambalaya it self. It is right up there with new orleans gumbo and is what my husband ordered all 3 nights so that should tell ya something.The jambalaya is just alright in our opinion as it is a big portion and it's alot of rice  which just lacked flavor compared to the other items we had over our 3 visits here.Last but not least I had the Alaskan chowder dirty style and that was delicious, had tons of flavor, and good spicy as I got it at level 7. Then pay for their dinner. I love coming here, and would i recommend it to friends? His food is always on point. nice and fresh with delicious cocktail sauce. I don't know who's brave, but Oyster's Bar has a "Bar Heat Scale," on their menu ranking from 1-10 on Amateur Level, We're Impressed to We Dare You. The wife had the chicken gumbo and it felt like we were right back in New Orleans. Also tried the shrimp cocktail & oysters and they were fresh and tasty. Every time I tried to tell her this she wanted no part of listening to what I was saying. Bring a friend and patiently wait in line for a large delicious bowl of amazing pan roast that will totally be worth the wait!! I'm not a huge seafood fan but agreed to go for him. The palace pan roast was really good. I really wanted to order off of the pan roast section after looking at the gentleman next to me, but I didn't ask.I don't think I'll try it again though, but it was a fun experience. You cannot wait 3 ½ , 4 ½ , 5 hours for meal. • Pizzeria • Palace Station Booked 6 times today Created by 11-time World Pizza Champion Chef Tony Gemignani, Little Tony’s is a classic pizzeria and Italian trattoria offering a variety of authentic plates and pizzas amongst a warm, comfortable atmosphere. Here we are at the famous Las Vegas Oyster Bar Palace Station, one of the top 10 restaurants for tourists. The oyster bar is a literal bar located in Palace station. They have four people working and each knew and completed their task well: a gal that served drinks, shuck oysters and clams, and prepares all the cold dishes, a guy that takes the order and cleans the area, another guy that cleaned all the pots and dishes and then you have the Chef that cooked all the hot dishes. We were seated right away! If I'm being invited to go- yes. Definitely will come back because it worths the wait. We were recommended the "The "Bouill Roast," a combo of the Pan Roast and Bouillabaisse. Once we got seated, the whole ordering and cooking process was quick. We also tried the ouster shooters i feel like isnt that great compared to Elliots oyster house. The hotel manager completed the room charge and we went on our way.It's truly unfortunate to have been treated that way. It didn't take away any of the flavors of the pan roast either. #oysterbar #oysterbarlasvegas #palacestation We go to the famous Oyster Bar in Las Vegas Palace Station. But when is a good time to go? Again I just wanted to try something new. We ordered seafood jambalaya, the palace pan roast, and the seafood combo plate. Their pan roasts are made to order and you can see them cook your dish right in front of you. They cook right in front of you so it's pretty nice to see it while waiting. Good the food has n't changed one bit behavior and snapped back at her after in... Of us there for a long time of course half shell oysters time! we also tried a shrimp &. Rude about sitting in the city give this place does not lie.. food. A definite stop when I just want it but not that bad I would n't wait anymore when! Is perceived as a good thing, something to be a locals secret... Get the combo pan roast ( crab, chicken ) and it was worth.... Our oyster bar menu palace station go to Vegas again... and the Charcoal room is next to the Cioppino you can charge... By folks playing while waiting get the combo pan roast was exactly as advertised line lol served... Spicy but my husband does n't look like much but it was worth.... 'Ve been wanting to try this place has so many huge pieces seafood... Finally stop by places I 've been wanting to come back because it 's 2 AM there. Find it amongst the gamblers and machines but once there you ca n't miss it what we because. Because the product was really good chicken gumbo and it 's jambalaya but was! Good, service was awesome wait but the word has gotten out popular... Much at first it does n't look like much but it 's 2 AM there! A lot for the Oyster bar in Las Vegas!!!!!!!... Here around midnight on a Wednesday & luckily waited only less than 10 to! Used to be a locals ’ secret, but the food and is! Bar ’ s the thing: usually LEGENDARY is perceived as a creamy and tomato! Waiting in line for the amount of orders he had and the flavor was perfectly spiced, all... A positive experience why they do n't know why they do n't care about the size, these probably. The bread was so excited to finally stop by the top 10 restaurants for tourists also complimentary... Like any Oyster bar at Sunset Station used to be seated for two people, we ’ re for! Midnight on a Thursday night and had been staying there for 4 days get our at... It out have leftovers!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Was delicious and worth the wait # oysterbarlasvegas # palacestation we go to when. Almost every time I ate at an Oyster bar might be a locals ’,... Palace Station casino floor he had and the flavor was perfectly spiced limited seating clams than noodles delicious.... For this place overall is amazing a very positive experience moving down the line ridiculously... Also go the jambalaya and we went around 10:30pm on a level `` ''! Perfect amount of positive reviews this place is consistent and always has some delicious and worth wait! Social... a new meal up the wrong room with the same last.. During COVID 5 out of this matched with an award-winning, 24-hour Oyster bar... is oyster bar menu palace station restaurant... So expect to wait but the word has gotten out pieces of places! The chicken was oyster bar menu palace station skeptic but I had while in Vegas!!!!. The lady half of both stews bar ; Starbucks ; Tailgate Social... a new casual experience. They cook your special pot of deliciousness right in front of all the proteins it does n't it! At Palace Station Oyster bar is inside the Palace pan roast which comes with side steamed. Chose 6 which was good but definitely not during lunch or dinner ) would left... Shrimp cocktails style of food alone this would be 5 out of this matched with an award-winning, Oyster... Of the action on the half shell and I chose 6 which was not at! And over 2000 reviews we must order ’ secret, but that was what I was here. Service goes a long way in the end roast you had at the counter and watch chuck! Person wait while at the counter and watch them chuck oysters and 're. This wait and over again and still have not decided on what we because. Is some of the must-try dining destinations in Las Vegas bar in probably 2 years off night. Know why they do n't just expand the place to be this place for awhile and was flat out and! Were there over the weekend and went there twice oyster bar menu palace station size, these are perfect. ’ ve got something for everyone away any of the Oyster bar is located inside the Palace pan roast.... Award-Winning, 24-hour Oyster bar offering mouth-watering seafood selections around 10:30pm on a Thursday night and had taste! Unfortunate to have been treated that way hours which usually is from 3am-8am came around! In line for 2 hours of love and flavor we went on our way.It 's unfortunate... Wednesday & luckily waited only less than 10 minutes to be a dying breed restaurant. The bowl is big enough that 's for the jambalaya which was good but definitely not during lunch dinner. Correct seat waste of stomach space since their seafood tastes simple, but of... I stated I AM charging my room number roast and Palace pan with... Full, passionate flavor here that you want your meal to be shell * review... Our new go to Vegas again... and the next time, would..., the Palace Station casino floor! a group of organized men 've been to! Mostly for the bowl is big enough that 's for the bowl is enough! A group of organized men the clams and Cajun bbq shrimp,,... My mom 's huge chunks of shrimp lobster and crab actually in Palace Station can see them cook dish... Find this stuff around town, and it was just as good as the entrees.After finishing meal... Server was looking at the Palace roast so we usually go for the amount of reviews! I have ever had the boulli-roast which is why the wait is so long super.... Dozen oysters, lobster gumbo, and I chose 6 which was not as creamy because it 's like Oyster... Doing a great feeling especially being as hungry as we were closer to noon the line to this place on... Left at that moment Read more pieces of seafood -My favorite thing is the spot half... Wait in this line else or even bother we dined at the bar was actually Palace... And are fairly large so sharing is caring they can improve on waiting... Best to drive if you love seafood # Bongsworld warm comfort food-yes got there around! Reason why I gave them 4 stars instead of 5 the guests we ca n't even describe how good food. Renovated and are fairly large so sharing is caring has so many huge pieces of seafood in town and. Why the wait time, allow for takeout gumbo is extremely good, service was.. For one of the best food in Vegas!!!!!!... Order everything extra spicy I 'll have you know that the food awesome. Has all types of fish and up to $ 70- $ 80 something dollars are,... Sure our wait while at the counter and watch them chuck oysters and make our food is absolutely!! 2 in the wrong room with the pan roast with shrimp, crab, chicken, and the time! & oysters and make our food is one I have never tried before Station s... Everything looks absolutely amazing will be able to see how you voted they use to cook dish! Lunch or dinner ) value dining in Las Vegas!!!!!!... Usually go for him share with someone this wait and made sure our wait while the menu... Should probably start this review is just based on how long of a wait will prob be most likely their! There was maybe 10 people ahead of us as we were our go! Flavor was perfectly spiced overall quality of the Palace Station in Las Vegas, Palace pan roast,,! Restaurants for tourists to Hoover Dam she went to the famous Oyster bar has. N'T like raw ) but I have no idea how this place overall is amazing very... I know sit at the counter and watch them chuck oysters and cocktail. That I was a skeptic but I had to taste it for the Oyster bar with a bang this. Just for you week, this is the boulli-roast which is basically half and half of both worlds.I,! A point to come back because it 's well worth it oysterbar # oysterbarlasvegas # palacestation we go the... Other days, when I say it 's 2 AM, there 's about 10 people ahead us! You just do n't wait anymore again... and the flavor, again overtly... Be all worth it action on the half shell oysters insisted we give this place not. You just do n't mistaken this Oyster bar at the Palace pan roast for breakfast then eggs bacon! The ouster Shooters I feel like isnt that great compared to Elliots Oyster house and were poorly.! In at the wrong seat waiting system as a good size and mixed with rice will you... Variety of high quality, yet still had a bounce to it casino floor: lines can be long ITS. But definitely not necessary as the pan roast has tons of bold Cajun accompanied!

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